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Helicopter HOW IT WORKS

Air Mauritius Helicopter Services

Air Mauritius offers a range of helicopter services to take your guests directly to their hotel or provide them with an opportunity to discover Mauritius in a truly original way - an option that saves time and makes for an unforgettable experience! 



Our crew will greet your upon arrival at SSR International Airport in Mauritius and provide a personalized service during check-in. Customers board one of our Bell Jet Ranger helicopters fitted with 4 passenger seats. 


Throughout the flight, our pilots - trained in the safety standards of Air Mauritius - will give an overview of Mauritius as you fly over amazing landscapes and get to know the country's topography and contours en route to your destination.



This exclusive transfer service on board one of our helicopters is the most direct and enjoyable way to get to the hotel or to the airport. The helicopter transfers save much time by avoiding road traffic, while experiencing the beauty of Mauritius from the air.



The sight-seeing tours enable passenger to discover another side of Mauritius unforld beneath them as they rise above a panorama of magnificent lagoons, pristine coastlines, undulating sugar cane fields and other spectacular views. The tours last between 15 minute to 1 hour, with various  itineraries based on flight duration, helipad locations and weather conditions. Customised tours can also be arranged.



Upon purchase of this service, the passenger can choose to enjoy a helicopter transfer or a sight-seeing tour, paired with an exclusive access to the Amedee Maingard Lounge on departure date. As for the sight-seeing tour, this unique chance to have a glimpse of the paradise island can be organised according to the passenger's convenience during his/her stay on the island.



This exclusive transfer service on board the MHL Helicopter is the most direct and enjoyable way to get to a hotel, restaurant or golf course. The time-saving inter-hotel helicopter transfer avoids road traffic, while the customer enjoys the aerial beauty of Mauritius.



This is a one-hour sightseeing flight coupled with a stop-over for lunch at one of the hotels/restaurants with a helipad.



This service offer golfers the possibility of flying to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Mauritius  and tee off whilst enjoying the landscape.



The Underwater Waterfall is an amazing visual illusion, which is triggered by a run off of salt and sand deposits in the sea. In fact, the illusion makes the sea look like an underwater waterfall. A helicopter tour allows the passenger to catch on the optical illusion of this astounding and memoral impression, as well as on the Mauritius topography and contours en route to the destination. The Underwater Waterfall trips are subject to weather conditions. 



The helicopters of MHL can also be rented for aerial filming or photography.



Very easy....please email our Sales Support Team at

At the time of reservation, the following information is required:

  • Type of flight, e.g. transfer, sight-seeing etc.
  • Duration of flight
  • Agent's name and agency
  • Helipad of departure and destination
  • Number of passengers  
  • Name and title of passengers (Mr., Mrs., Chd., Inf.)
  • Passengers’ contact (i.e. hotel name and room number)
  • Date of Flight
  • Weight of passengers

The weight of passengers and of baggage/handbags should be provided for ALL helicopter bookings for planning purposes. Before boarding, the passengers and their baggage/handbag will be weighed by our ground staff as a means of verification.  

All passengers boarding any Air Mauritius Helicopter flight (sight-seeing, transfer etc.) need to produce a valid proof of photo identity in the form of passport, national IDs, driving licenses etc.



  • All passengers boarding any Air Mauritius Helicopter flight need to produce a valid proof of photo identity in the form of passport, national IDs, driving licences etc.

Cancellation of Flights

Air Mauritius Helicopter Services reserves the right to cancel flight due to weather conditions, technical reasons, operational grounds or for any reasons that it may consider valid.

Air Mauritius Helicopter Services shall advise the clients and the agents in case of cancellation of flights and shall refund any payment received in respect of the confirmed booking, unless the clients wish to postpone the flight to another date and time.

In the event a client cancels a flight, such cancellation shall be at least 12 hours prior to the confirmed or scheduled departure time of helicopter. Should the client or agent fail to cancel the flight at least 12 hours prior to the confirmed or scheduled departure time of the helicopter, a cancellation fee will be applied.


We thank you for your continued support of Air Mauritius. We look forward to welcoming you soon on board. 

Sales Support Team