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Business Information Refund procedure


Air Mauritius will refund a ticket or any unused part of it, and any taxes in accordance with our fare rules or tariff.   

  • Air  Mauritius no longer accepts refund requests unless for non IATA agents where an administration fee of £30 will be collected.
  • Each  agency or Tour Operator make a Refund Notice through BSP or GDS subject to an administration fee of £25.
  • Taxes  are refundable on unused or part used tickets but please note that  YQ is non-refundable when the fare element is non-refundable for  used and part used tickets. 

Right to refuse Refund

We may refuse a refund if the request was made after the expiry of the validity of the ticket.

Important Information

Please note, corresponding bookings for void or refunded tickets must be removed, so as to release the seats back to the inventory for resale.

No ticket must be voided or refunded without the express permission of the customer.


Refund Application through BSP (RAs)

Air Mauritius collects a standard administration fee of GBP25 for all refund applications received through BSP.

-Where an agent does not know how to calculate or effect a refund through its GDS, a Refund Application/Authority Form through BSPlink is to be completed.

-Where an agent has problems with their GDS for refunds, their GDS helpdesk should be contacted in the first instance to raise a fault.

Air Mauritius will refund a Ticket or any unused part of it and any taxes, fees and charges in accordance with its fare rules or Tariff including penalty and cancellation charges.

When to use Air Mauritius for refund applications

  • Tickets that have been closed off in the system.
  • Technical issues with the GDS preventing ticket refunds. Please provide the GDS fault reference number.
  • Where a ticket has been utilised but additional action is required (ie.. involuntary downgrade request).
  • Other airline tickets reported erroneously by BSP as Air Mauritius Sales.
  • Incorrect sales reporting.

All other refund processing should be handled directly via the agent’s GDS. Air Mauritius requires that travel agents service all tickets that they have issued. This includes calculation of the refund values, processing and reporting all refund transactions via their own GDS system.


We thank you for your continued support of Air Mauritius. 

Sales Support Team.