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Business Information Questions & Answers


Please check this page for sales and technical questions regarding Air Mauritius regulations and pricing system.

  • Is  it possible to get a public fare instead of a negotiated fare?

The following pricing rules apply to all Air Mauritius fares:

A negotiated fare can only be replaced by another negotiated fare of same type.
A public fare can only be replaced by another public fare with regards to the fare note.
Public fare grids and negotiated fare grids cannot be mixed.

  • How  to book an infant seat for an infant turning 2 years old when  travelling?

When an infant is turning 2 during the trip, booking and price setting will lead to 2 different tickets:

Create  a first PNR for both inbound and outbound flights with infant  segment associated to adult segment (tag INF).
Create  a second PNR for return flight only – with infant turned child  (tag CHD).
Link  the two PNRs with an “OSI” note specifying both PNRs references.
Note  the infant ticket number (INF) in the ticket endorsement box.

  • For which flights is Internet check-in available?

All flights operated by Air Mauritius. All flights operated by Air France departing from Mauritius and Paris only.  


 Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg
 Dar Es Salaam
 Hong Kong
 Kuala Lumpur
 London Heathrow
 Mauritius (All flights except to Dubai)
 Paris - Charles de Gaulle

  • When is it not possible to print boarding pass?

Internet check-in is available at the majority of airports; however, due to immigration, security or airport restrictions some airports do not have this facility. For instance, passengers checking in online on flights departing from Mumbai to Mauritius cannot print their boarding passes; they need to have it issued at the check-in counters. Likewise, passengers departing from Antananarivo need to collect their boarding passes at airport counters even if they have a printed boarding pass. 
 If due to unavoidable circumstances your customers were not able to print out their own boarding pass or they forgot it, please note the following times: 

  • For Domestic flights: Contact the check-in counter at least 1 hour before departure. 
  • For International flights: Contact the check-in counter at least 2 hours before departure.



Warning, manual price setting will be as follow: half fare of infant fare (return) + half fare of child fare (return) + all corresponding taxes.

EU Legislations:  Compensation and Assistance

Punctuality and reliability are very important to Air Mauritius. Therefore, we do everything we can to avoid delays, cancellations or denied boarding. In the unlikely event of a denied boarding, cancellation or delays on MK flights departing from EU countries, customers may be eligible to compensation and/or assistance.

  • Cancellation Assistance:

We will notify you of a cancellation via your GDS. An automated "UN' advisory message will be sent to your queue system to identify the affected cancelled flight in the PNR. Please notify the passenger of the cancellation as quickly as possible. 

Passengers may choose between rerouting options, reimbursement partial or full depending if the flight is no longer serving any purpose. In addition, customers are eligible to meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time, hotel accommodation in case where overnight stay becomes necessary (transport included) and 2 telephone calls, fax messages or emails.   

  • Delay Assistance

If MK flight is delayed by more than 2 hours on departure, passengers are entitled to meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time, hotel accommodation in cases where an overnight stay becomes necessary (transport included), 2 telephone  calls, fax messages or emails.

When there is a delay of at least 5 hours, passengers may opt for a reimbursement partial or full depending if the flight is no longer serving any purpose.

  • Denied Boarding

In the event of an overbooked flight or an aircraft change, we will ask for volunteers to travel on a later flight in exchange for an agreed compensation (such as travel voucher). If not enough volunteers, passengers will be involuntary denied boarding and will be entitled to the same care and assistance outlined in the above delay and cancellation assistance section.   

  • Making a Claim & Alternative Dispute Resolution under EU Regulation 261/2004 (Air Mauritius do not accept third party payment)

Air Mauritius customer complaints are handled by our Customer Relations Team.

1. Passengers must submit their claims directly to Air Mauritius and allow Air Mauritius sufficient time or such time as prescribed by applicable law (whichever is lesser) to respond directly to them. Claims, feedback and complaints must be sent to

2. Air Mauritius will not process claims submitted by a third party if the passenger concerned has not submitted the claim directly to Air Mauritius and allowed Air Mauritius time to respond in accordance with Article 1 above.

3. Articles 1 and 2 above will not apply to passengers who do not have the capacity to submit claims themselves. The legal guardian of a passenger who lacks capacity may submit a claim to Air Mauritius on his/her behalf. Air Mauritius may request evidence that the legal guardian has authority to submit a claim on the passenger's behalf.

4. A passenger may submit a claim to Air Mauritius on behalf of other passengers on the same booking. Air Mauritius may request evidence that the passenger has the consent of other passengers on the booking to submit a claim on their behalf.

5. In any event, save for Article 3 and 4 above, Air Mauritius will not process claims submitted by a third party.

 6. Passengers are not prohibited by this clause from consulting legal or other third party advisers before submitting their claim directly to Air Mauritius.

 7. In accordance with Air Mauritius procedures, any payment or refund will be made to the bank account of a passenger on the booking. Air Mauritius may request evidence that the bank account is held by the passenger concerned.


If, for any reason, customers are unhappy with Air Mauritius response to their complaints, they can refer their complaints to AviationADR who is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide an independent review of complaints and dispute resolution services. Customers will need to refer their complaints to the Aviation ADR Scheme within 12 months of Air Mauritius final response, their contact details are as follows: 


12 – 14 Walker Avenue
Stratford Office Village
Wolverton Mill T: 0203 540 8063
Milton Keynes E: 
MK12 5TW W: 

The European Commission also provides a platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). The platform can be found under 



GDS Helpdesks

 Your GDS helpdesk should be your point of contact for the following queries:

  • help with GDS entries
  • help adding a remark on a booking  


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We thank you for your continued support of Air Mauritius. We look forward to welcoming you soon on board.

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