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Business Information Passenger Assistance

Voted best airline in the Indian Ocean at the World Travel Awards, Air Mauritius takes care over every details to make our customers flight as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any special request.  

Special meals

Special meals to meet specific dietary, religious and medical requirements (including vegetarian meals) can be offered to those passengers who cannot have the standard featured menu, see the list of options below. Special meals should be ordered at booking time at least 24 hours before departure while a 48 hours advance notice is required for kosher meals (KSML).

Special meals that can be pre-ordered from Air Mauritius

  • Asian  vegetarian meal (AVML)
  • Vegetarian  Lacto/ovo (VLML)
  • Jain  meal (VJML)
  • Vegetarian  Oriental meal (VOML)
  • Raw  vegetarian meal (RVML)
  • Vegetarian  vegan meal (VGML)
  • Hindu  meal (HNML)
  • Muslim  meal (MOML)
  • Kosher  meal (KSML)
  • Infant  meal (BBML)
  • Child  meal (CHML)

Medical meal can be pre-ordered from Air Mauritius

  • Low  salt meal (LSML)
  • Diabetic  meal (DBML)
  • Gluten  free meal (GFML)
  • Low  calorie meal (LCML)
  • Low  fat meal (LFML)
  • Bland  meal (BLML)
  • Low  lactose meal (NLML)


Indicated codes such as NLML are to be entered in PNR

Medical cases


Should the passenger's health condition require special attention at boarding, leaving the aircraft, or during flight,  please ensure to indicate this at the time of book to Air Mauritius.  We may need to seek medical clearance from the passenger doctor. In this case, a Medical Certificate of Fitness for Air Travel (MEDIF)  will need to be completed by the passenger attending physician and signed by the airline doctor.

Passengers who are required to fill in a MEDIF form will not be able to purchase their ticket online. Please contact your Air Mauritius representative.

For the carriage of medical equipment on board such as incubators, respirators, nebulizers, or ventilators, please note that special conditions apply and that a request must be made to Air Mauritius at least 72 hours before departure.

Please also note that dependant passengers must be accompanied by an able-bodied person capable of assisting them with their physiological needs during the flight. 

Passengers with reduce mobility

Heathrow Airport offers services to assist persons with reduced mobility at the airport. Special arrangements may be made for passengers with other disabilities. In the event that we must escort a passenger, we will need to be informed at least 72 hours before departure.

Please check Amadeus entries to inform us about your passenger’s specific need:

  • WCHR  (Wheelchair Ramp) – Assistance to the aircraft

A passenger with a walking disability: requires a wheelchair or similar aid before embarkation or after disembarkation; requires assistance in the airport terminal to/from the gate or exit; can manage steps and use an apron passenger bus unaided. Does not need assistance in the cabin

  • WCHS  (Wheelchair Steps) – Assistance to the aircraft door

A passenger with a severe walking disability: has very restricted mobility; cannot manage steps aided and is unable to use an apron passenger vehicle; does not, however, need assistance in the cabin

  • WCHC  (Wheelchair Carry) – Assistance to the aircraft seat

A passenger who is unable to walk: but can use a passenger seat with the backrest in the upright position; cannot move unaided (e.g. on account of paraplegia or advanced multiple sclerosis).

Deaf or blind passengers cannot travel on board with their pets (please check the passengers travelling with pets section).

Passengers travelling with infant

Infants may travel without a medical clearance after the first week.

For the passenger's comfort, Air Mauritius can provide bassinets on board international flights. Due to the limited number of cots, please consider requesting this service at the time of booking the passengers' flight. The request  will only be confirmed at check-in.


Please note that our baby cots can accommodate infants up to 12 months old, and/or weighing up to 11 kg, and up to 74 cm tall, depending on whichever condition is more restrictive. 

Two infants accompanied by one adult may travel only if one of the two infants is over 12 months and is able to sit in a car seat approved for use on an aircraft. Please ensure applicable fare for the seat occupied by the child is collected.

Passengers' infant’s/ child’s stroller will be taken at the gate prior to boarding to be checked-in, and will not be kept in cabin. It will be delivered on arrival at aircraft door, except for flights to Paris. At Paris-CDG, the stroller will be delivered in the arrival hall for arriving customers. However, customers with a connecting flight in Paris will be required to check-in the stroller as a normal baggage from the point of origin to the final destination.

Unaccompanied minors


Passengers between 5 and 12 years old may travel alone as Unaccompanied Minors (UM) on our flights.

However, UMs are not allowed to travel on flights that are not operated by Air Mauritius for travel to Paris and via Paris // to Amsterdam and via Amsterdam. The above restriction applies equally to our interline and code share partners. Guardians must inform Air Mauritius of UM at the time the flight is booked and fill out the necessary documentation. A service fee may apply. Unaccompanied minor aged between 5 to 14 years cannot purchase tickets online due to documents that must be submitted. 

Amadeus format for Ums: FXPLONMRU/RUNN


  2. MK053  Y 25SEP 5 LONMRU HK1 4 1700 0755+1
  3. AP  LONMK

Expectant mothers

Expectant mothers with normal pregnancies may travel on Air Mauritius up until their 28th week of pregnancy, unless otherwise advised by their doctors.
For pregnancies beyond 28 weeks or for pregnancies with complications, passengers need to fill in a Medical Certificate of Fitness for Air Travel. This form must be duly signed by a registered gynaecologist / obstetrician and submitted for approval by the airline's medical doctor. Please also note that some authorities (for example, Malaysian authorities) refuse entry to foreign women with advanced pregnancies beyond six months, except if they are in transit for less than 72 hours, with no extensions allowed.


We thank you for your continued support of Air Mauritius. 

Sales Support Team.