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Business Information Booking Procedures

  Booking tips and responsibilities

We would like to draw your attention to our requirements for all agents to adhere to Air Mauritius booking practices.

We require that you uphold the high standards of service that our mutual customers expect from Air Mauritius and its partners.

Please take a moment to review the below responsibilities.

  • Name: Please ensure that both first name and last name are booked as reflected as in the government ID used for travel. No fictitious name must be used, and no name change will be permitted, unless due to misspelling and backed by a valid reasons acceptable by Air Mauritius.
  • Multiple GDS: Where more than one GDS is used by a travel agency, no PNRs should be created across several GDS to reach GDS productivity or incentive targets.
  • Churning: It is prohibited to repeatedly cancel and rebook the same itinerary in the same or different classes of service or PNRs (Passenger Name Records) or GDS, so as to circumvent ticketing time limits, or hold on to inventory, or meet GDS productivity requirements.
  • Duplicate Bookings: It not allowed to book the same passenger on multiple flights or classes, the same or similar itinerary and flight dates.
  •  Fictitious/Speculative Bookings: No booking should be created to hold on to inventory until a passenger or ticketing opportunity arises, as it reduces seat availability and sales opportunities for others. Fake names (ie TEST/AMR) and fake ticket numbers are also prohibited.
  • Re-Bookings: It is not permitted to create bookings, where the itinerary is impractical and cannot be flown.
  • Inactive Segments: All inactive segments with status codes HX/NO/UC/UN must be deleted as soon as notified and at least 24hours prior to departure


  • Waitlist Segments: Once segments are confirmed from waitlist, the PNR will appear on your queue. Waitlisted segments must not be repeatedly created, or forced on closed flights as they will not increase the chance of confirmation. Downselling is not permitted - segments must neither be created in anticipation of a lower fare when confirmation has already been obtained in a different class, and must be deleted at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Married Segments: Air Mauritius uses an origin-destination management system. This system reviews origin and destination points, itinerary, booking classes as well as point of sale. Segments which are sold together as a single unit on an origin and destination basis must not be separated to circumvent any married segment control.
  • Passive Segments: Not permitted on Amadeus GDS. Permitted on other GDSs only for ticketing purposes and must match active bookings on Air Mauritius inventory system.
  • Minimum Connection Time: No booking shall be created that violates minimum connection time requirements of individual airlines. 


Since 18th September 2018, a new seat product called "Standard Seats" has been introduced on Air Mauritius, in addition to our Exit Row Seats. Charges are applicable on selected routes to MK Operated flights only.

"Standard Seats" applies when a seat is reserved prior to check-in. When check-in opens, seats reservation is done free of charge whether online or at the airport.

We will do our best to ensure that customers get their selected seats. However, seats are subject to availability on a first come first served basis. For operational reason, we may have to reassign passengers seats without prior notice. If this happens we seek your cooperation for a smooth transition.

Standard Seats can be purchased through:

-Travel Agent, Air Mauritius offices or website

-GDS has been updated to reflect automatic pricing  and issuance of EMDs 


Please note:  As per the conditions of carriage, seat reservations cannot be guaranteed even when confirmed and paid in advance. Air Mauritius reserves the right to change the seating for operational, safety or security reasons even after boarding the aircraft. 

The advance seat reservation  fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, except on ticket cancellation provided passenger is not a no show or on involuntary basis where Air Mauritius is unable to re-accommodate the passenger with similar seat due to a change of aircraft.  

For more information please read our T&Cs

Our Exit seats gives more legroom and can be purchased for a fee. Customers booked and ticketed under MK Operating and Marketing MK Flight Numbers only can benefits from this service. The provision of all Ancillary Service is subject to specific contract of Carriage between MK and all Airline partners. It is therefore important to check the requirements of any other carriers involved in the itinerary when selling such services to your customers for a smooth travel experience on MK.     


Passengers with special needs

  • Travelling with children: customers may bring an inflight bed/ legrest extension (e.g. BedBox, Fly Tot, 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow, Plane Pal). Such device is allowed as long as it is not attached directly to the seat. Inflight bed/ legrest extensions that are attached to the seat (e.g. Fly LegsUp or FlyeBaby) are not permitted. 

    Safety being our top priority, the following will be applicable to the inflight bed/legrest extension :

     Must be packed and securely stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front during taxi, take-off and landing or when instructed by the crew 
     Cannot be used at the emergency exit rows ,aisle or middle seats . 
     Must be used only at a window seat. 
     Must not interfere with or prevent the seat in front from reclining 
     Cannot be combined so as to allow two or more convertible inflight beds to occupy several seats 

  • If child is under two years of age, please notify cutsomers that he or she must be removed from the inflight bed/legrest, and secured with an infant seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is switched on. 
  • Use of Child Restraint Devices (CRD) on board

    Passenger may use a Child Restraint Device which includes car seats or upper torso harnesses for infant/ child on flights operated by Air Mauritius. Please inform us at the time of booking or contact us for more information. 

    Note: Not available in Business cabin and on Reunion and Rodrigues flights. For codeshare flights operated by partner airlines, acceptance will be in accordance with the partner airlines’ rules. 

    Please read below conditions carefully for using a Child Restraint Device (CRD) on board our aircraft: 

     Please inform us of the use of a CRD on board the flight at the time of booking. 
     Passengers will be required to reserve a seat if they wish to use a car seat for an infant of up to 24 months. 
     The CRD should be marked/ labeled that is certified for use on an aircraft by a National Aviation Authority and/or meet any of the following standards: 
    - European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) ETSO-C100b 
    - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TSO-C100, TSO-C100a, TSO-C100b, or TSO-C100c 
    - European Safety Standard requirements of ECE Regulation 44 
    - United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 213 
    - Australia/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) 1754 
     If the CRD does not meet the above requirements, it may be refused in cabin and may be checked as luggage 
     We accept car seats of a maximum external seat width of 17 inches/43 cm on our Europe flights. For other routes, the external seat width of the car seat should not exceed 16 inches/40.6 cm. 
     The Child Harness may be used for children of 1 year and older weighing 22 to 44 pounds and up to 40 inch tall. 
     Car seats are not permitted on our Reunion and Rodrigues flights or in Business Class. 
     Passengers should ensure that infant’s/child’s weight and height are in conformity with the manufacturer’s specifications and they should install the car seat as per manufacturer’s instructions. The condition of the CRD and its installation will be under the passengers' responsibility. 
     For safety reasons, passengers will be allocated a suitable window seat for the infant’s/child’s CRD. 
     Two infants may travel with an adult provided one of the two infants is over 12 months and is able to sit in a car seat approved for use on our aircraft. In such case, please inform at the time of booking. 
     Passengers will be required to sign a form of indemnity at Check-in. 

  • SR INFT gives access to cabin map (it is  automatically inserted if you have correctly inserted the INF  criteria with the name). Bassinet seats are available on a request  basis only and can only be confirmed at check in. Please note there are age and weight restrictions on the use of bassinet seats
  • Passengers with special needs: WCHS, WCHC, BLND, DEAF, medical cases must be described in PNR
  • In some cases medical clearance will need to be approved.


1) STPC packages (Stop-over) include hotel accommodation (including meals if applicable) and transfers (airport-hotel-airport)

2) STPC (Stop-over) in Mauritius are granted if no connexion in Mauritius is available on the same day when Air Mauritius is the contracting carrier or in charge of the flight where Mauritius is the transiting point.

3) Air Mauritius shall provide “Scale” packages to passengers travelling Economy class and Business class.

4) STPC (Stop-over) are granted either inbound or outbound.

5) Hotel selection for STPC (Stop-over) amenities is to comply with the Air Mauritius list of pre-defined priorities taking into consideration the booking class and agreements conclude between Air Mauritius and hotels or other partners.

6) Passengers are not entitled to choose their hotel accommodation. This decision is the responsibility of Air Mauritius STPC (Stop-over) unit in line with the general guidelines provided by Management.

7) Hotel accommodation in “bed & breakfast” or on “half-board” basis shall be consistent with the stop-over duration but shall never be on “full-board” basis.

8) STPC (Stop-over) will be limited to 4 coupons (for return tickets) and to 2 coupons (for either inbound or outbound flight) and will be valid for travel on an Air Mauritius leg only.

9) STPC (Stop-over) will not be applicable if the connexion falls into another airline responsibility and/or with separate tickets.

10) STPC (Stop-over) shall not be granted whether inbound or outbound if passenger has a connexion via Mauritius to travel to the following destinations: Réunion Island (RUN&ZSE); Rodrigues (RRG); the Seychelles Island (SEZ); Kenya (NBO).

11) STPC shall not be granted for the Dubai-Mauritius leg and vice-versa.

12) STPC (Stop-over) shall not be granted together with a stop for diving in Mauritius (1 night STPC (Stop-over) at Air Mauritius rate + 2/3 nights at passengers costs won’t be paid for), except when the next connexion is not available until the first 24 hours in Mauritius.

13) Transfers back won’t be granted to passengers who choose Air Mauritius STPC (Stop-over) amenities for the first night only and then change hotel accommodation asking for a transfer from the airport to the chosen hotel.

14) Embargo periods in Mauritius will be communicated to our offices and points of sales. However, for information purposes only, embargo period goes from mid-December to mid-January of the next following year.

STPC booking (Stop-over)

1) Email: //

2) STPC (Stop-over) request – format


Please ensure to add the following details to your STPC requests:

1. Passengers names
2. PNR reference
3. Booking class
4. Arrival date/time/flight number
5. Departure date/time/flight number
6. Hotel accommodation option
7. Ticket number
8. All relevant information (baby, carrycot, wheelchair…)

  GDS Entries:Excess Baggage, Sport Equipment & Lounge 

Please take a minute to review our Amadeus formats for excess baggage, sport equipment & lounge

1) New Format for Sports Equipment flow text (. dot is mandatory before entering a text)
SRSPEQ-MISC.GOLF BAG W-20KG (W = weight followed by dash - and the number of KG)

example of sport equipment
a) sport equipment with text



b) sport equipment with text


System Response : /SSR SPEQ MK HK1 MISC.GOLF BAG W-15KG/PS ADV 3DIMENSION ANDWEIGHT/S2                                                      

 c) sport equipment + text + weight


2) Excess Baggage KG (XBAG)

Entry : SRXBAG-TTL7KG0PC/P1 (total number of excess) 

3) Entry for Lounge access

Entry : SRLOUG/P1

AIP Special Meal 

Since August, 21th 2013 all information regarding Air Mauritius special meals are available in “Amadeus Information Pages”

Formats :


2) GO 1 to get access to item no 1.

3) GB to return to the Home Page

GDS entry: Contact information 

Passenger telephone number and/or email address must be provided in the appropriate formats in the PNRs, so as to facilitate the handling of passengers in case of flight disruptions, such as delays, rescheduling etc..

Amadeus users:

Other GDS users: please contact your appropriate help desk for the correct entries.



We thank you for your continued support of Air Mauritius. We look forward to welcoming soon on board.

Sales Support Team.