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Baggage Allowance

Learn more about Air Mauritius Baggage Allowance

Find everything there is to know about our baggage allowance policy.

Air Mauritius Free Baggage Allowance _ Excess Baggage Rates eff 15 MAY ...
SEZ excess baggage rates via and beyond MRU
Effective 16 March19 Reduction of maximum weight from 30 to 23kgs in Economy class ex Au To Worldwide and ex MRU To TNR RUN ZSE

The information on this page is valid for all flights operated by Air Mauritius.On codeshare services, the operating airline's transport rules may apply.


Passengers can carry up to two pieces of hand luggage depending on their class of travel.  

The carriage of food items is strictly prohibited (cabin or/and checked luggage).

We recommend that customers should carry their medications in their hand luggage with the corresponding prescriptions (which may be requested by airport security or customs officials).

For medication in LAG (liquids, aerosols and gels) form, please inform customers that must comply with the restrictions on LAGs. Please visit for more info.

Please note, for the safety and comfort of our customers, we will retain the sole discretion to decide if an item of luggage is permitted as a carry-on baggage or must be checked-in.   

Picto bag

Economy class 

  • 1 free piece - 115 cm (length+width+height, wheels and handle included)
  • 1 accessory piece (handbag, briefcase or laptop of maximum 15 cm width, camera or other item of equivalent dimensions)
  • Maximum weight: 7 kg. Please note, for codeshare flights operated by Air France Mauritius/Europe the maximum weight is 12kg (dimensions 35x55x25).

Business class

  • 2  free pieces - 115 cm (55-35-25 cm, length+width+height, wheels and handle included)
  • 1  accessory piece (handbag,  briefcase or laptop of maximum 15 cm width, camera or other item of  equivalent dimensions).
  • Maximum  weight: 14 kg

Please note the following will apply at Airport Check-in counters:

Economy Class: Normal Free Hand Carry luggage is limited to 1 piece weighing up to a maximum of 7 kg. An additional excess of 5 kg will be allowed at a rate of £9 /  €10 per excess Kilo. The maximum hand carry luggage authorised will be limited to 1pc /12 kg.  For example an Economy class passenger having a hand carry luggage of 12 kg will pay, as excess hand baggage an amount of  £44 / €50 for the additional 5 kgs.

 Business Class: Normal Free Hand Carry luggage is limited to 2 pieces weighing up to a maximum of 7 kg each. An additional excess of 5 kg per piece will be allowed at a rate £9 / €10 per excess Kilo. The maximum hand carry luggage authorised will be limited to 12 kg per piece. If any piece exceeds 7 kg above excess rate is applicable. For example a Business class passenger carrying 2 pcs of Hand baggage with 1 pc weighing 7kg and other pc weighing 12 kg will pay, as excess hand luggage an amount of £44 / €50 for the additional 5kg.      

Checked Baggage

Air Mauritius checked baggage allowances are based on the origin and destination of the whole itinerary.

Please advise customers that any valuable and fragile items should be packed in their hand luggage. These includes and are not limited to medications, laptop, jewelry, identification documents, items having a special value, money, business documents, etc.

Air Mauritius shall have no liability for valuables items carry as checked luggage. 

In line with local Occupational Health and Safety each checked baggage cannot exceed 32kg.

Although, we take every precaution in handling passengers checked baggage, please remind our customers to ensure their luggage is sturdy and easily identifiable.   

Picto baggage

Economy class

  • From London (1 free piece up to 30kg)
  • From Europe via London/Paris (1 free piece up to 23 kg
  • Each piece of baggage should not exceed 158 cm (Length+Width+Height).


Picto baggages

Business class

  • From London (2 free pieces up to 32kg)
  • From Europe via London/Paris (2 free pieces up to 32kg)
  • Each piece of baggage should not exceed 158 cm (Length+Width+ Height).

Please note customers travelling in Premium Economy on AF operated flights, the free baggage allowance is 2pcs / max 23kg each in line with AF policy. 

Free Carriage of Golf Bag

Picto golf bag
We can carry one golf bag per customer up to 20kgs.

Surf boards 

Picto surf boards
We will carry surf boards free of charge as long as it is no longer than 2m long and provided it is within the normal checked baggage allowance of one piece per customer.

Special Baggage Items

To find out more on Air Mauritius condition of carriage for special baggage items, please visit our link

Passengers Travelling with Pets


Pet may be carried in the aircraft hold (as checked baggage or cargo) subject to fulfilling all the special conditions. Please contact your Air Mauritius representative.

  • Request  for traveling with an animal in baggage hold shall be made in  advance
  • Approbation  is delivered by the Mauritian Ministry of Agriculture



Kestrelflyer cardholders (gold & silver) and student travelling on basis of Student fares will be entitled to a second free additional piece of luggage of 23 kg maximum.

Students who are kestrelflyer Gold or Silver cardholders and are already allowed two pieces on their ticket, will be entitled to a third free additional piece at check-in on Paris and London routes, upon presentation of their card at the airport. This will apply provided student is travelling on the basis of Student fares and point to point travel.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage fares on European routes

In Economy class, if weight exceeds 20 kg (up to a maximum of 32 kg), passenger will be charged as follow:

  • London-Mauritius:  £110
  • Mauritius-London:  $100

In Business class, the maximum weight is 32kg. Passenger may carry a third additional luggage up to 23kg. This piece will be charged as follow:

  • London-Mauritius:£200
  • Mauritius-London: $200

For a complete overview of our excess baggage pricing, please visit  

For any oversize baggage, please contact our Cargo offices in London:


Air Logistics Networks
Cargo Terminal 4
East Midlands Airport
Castle Donington
DE74 2SA
Tel: 01332-850021
Fax: 01332-811961
Out of hours mobile: 07885-875184
Office hours
0900-1800 M-F
0900-1300 S-S

Baggage Allowance for Infants

On international flights, infants (under 2 years) are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 10 kg plus one stroller and one hand baggage free of charge. On the Mauritius to Rodrigues flights and vice versa, infants (under 2 years) are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 5 kg plus one stroller and one hand baggage free of charge.

Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are permitted free of charge as an additional piece of checked in luggage. This additional piece of luggage is in addition to the check in baggage entitlement for the class of travel booked. Passengers are only permitted this additional piece of luggage when travelling on non-stop flights from LHR-MRU-LHR and restricted to one bag per couple up to 20kgs. 

There is also no charge for wedding dresses / attire if carried as cabin luggage in the overhead locker. Please note there is no space for wedding dresses /attires to be hung in the coat compartments on board. All attire should be packed in small boxes or a cabin bag which can fit into the overhead locker as per cabin baggage restriction size and weight per passenger.

Customers must show either their wedding ban or marriage certificate as proof of wedding on departure


Travel Safe reminder

The information attached is for guidance only - current edition of the IATA DGR Manual is the official reference for the acceptance of such items.

Baggage undeclared Items
Baggage undeclared Items_Important Notes
Batteries may pose a hazard In-flight



We thank you for your continued support of Air Mauritius. 

Sales Support Team