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A well-preserved Eden in the Indian Ocean. Remote and away from today’s many pressures  Rodrigues takes you back to the essence of life. Unwind and rejuvenate on this small island about an hour's flight from Mauritius. Here, the day starts early in the small houses scattered on the hilly landscape. It's time to feed the chicken or to work on the maize field while animals are grazing in the wild. On the surface of the lagoon, the thin canoes set out for a day's catch.

Traditional occupations such as livestock farming, agriculture and fishing have been reinforced over the last decade by the emergence of a tourism sector that still respects the island's authenticity. Aware of the importance of preserving their natural heritage, the Rodriguans have put a lot of efforts in preserving the species and carefully keep the modernization trend under control.

Here, there are no fashionable shopping malls. Hotels and restaurants keep to the genuine local island's character and offer a lively and spicy cuisine concocted with local products from this tiny island where life moves at such a sweet pace.

The best way to visit Rodrigues is to go on foot. Lace up your walking shoes and go out through lush forests or on the trails through the villages. People will greet you on your way and you may be offered a glass of lemonade.

Take a boat to Coco Island, a magical place and bird sanctuary. Admire the giant tortoises at Anse Quitor natural park. Dance to the beat of the sega. On Saturday morning, do not miss the picturesque Port Mathurin market which tells so much about Rodrigues' farmers and fishermen, its artists, its women with their large hats selling small jars of condiments and, all in all, an island that has preserved its soul.