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Business Information Ticketing Procedures


Air Mauritius e-tickets are easy and convenient. 

How ?

  • Buy  your ticket from your travel agency or via Air Mauritius (one of our  Air Mauritius agencies, our call centre or our website).
  • You  will receive your travel itinerary which can also be sent by email,  fax or post. You no longer need a paper ticket as it is now all  electronic and securely stored in our booking system.
  • At the airport, show your travel itinerary and proof of ID to our  check-in counter staff and get your boarding pass.


Eligible flights

E-ticketing is available on the whole of the Air Mauritius network



Refund procedure

  • Air Mauritius no longer accepts refund requests
  • Each agency or Tour Operator make a Refund Notice through BSP or GDS
  • Taxes  are refundable on unused or part used tickets but please note that YQ  is non-refundable when the fare element is non-refundable for used and  part used tickets.