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Business Information Questions & Answers


Please check this page for sales and technical questions regarding Air Mauritius regulations and pricing system.

  • Is  it possible to get a public fare instead of a negotiated fare?

The following pricing rules apply to all Air Mauritius fares:

A negotiated fare can only be replaced by another negotiated fare of same type.
A public fare can only be replaced by another public fare with regards to the fare note.
Public fare grids and negotiated fare grids cannot be mixed.

  • How  to book an infant seat for an infant turning 2 years old when  travelling?

When an infant is turning 2 during the trip, booking and price setting will lead to 2 different tickets:

Create  a first PNR for both inbound and outbound flights with infant  segment associated to adult segment (tag INF).
Create  a second PNR for return flight only – with infant turned child  (tag CHD).
Link  the two PNRs with an “OSI” note specifying both PNRs references.
Note  the infant ticket number (INF) in the ticket endorsement box.


Warning, manual price setting will be as follow: half fare of infant fare (return) + half fare of child fare (return) + all corresponding taxes.