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Business Information Booking Procedures

  Booking tips

  • Please ensure that both first name and last name are correctly spelt (check passport).
  • Please refer to GDS for fares and ticketing.


All our passengers can choose their seat when booking their flights without additional fee. Seats are subject to availability on a first come first served basis.

Passengers with special needs (babies, children, wheel chairs ...)

  • Families  travelling with children: SR INFT gives access to cabin map (it is  automatically inserted if you have correctly inserted the INF  criteria with the name). Bassinet seats are available on a request  basis only and can only be confirmed at check in. Please note there  are age and weight restrictions on the use of bassinet seats
  • Passengers with special needs: WCHS, WCHC, BLND, DEAF, medical cases must be described in PNR
  • In some cases medical clearance will need to be approved.

Check-in online 24 hours before departure

Passengers can check-in online when check-in opens, that is 24 hours before departure: We recommend that passengers check in online as soon as possible to ensure they get their chosen seat.

Travel Agents must not check-in on behalf of travelling customers as this contravenes the CAA Security Regulations. 


Planning your Meeting, Incentive, Conventions and Exhibitions:

Organizing an event or incentive trip can be very challenging so we aim to provide flexibility to make the air arrangements hassle free as possible.

To request a group quote with Air Mauritius, please email your group request to: We will aim to provide you with a group quote within 48 hours.

By requesting your group request with Air Mauritius, you can take advantage of the below offers:

  • Whatever  the size of your group, Air Mauritius has a selection of fares to  suit your needs
  • Air  Mauritius is able to provide group rates for any size of group over  10 passengers
  • Receive  a quote for your group more than 12 months ahead of departure  (outside system range) with a guaranteed group rate
  • Book  add on feeder flights with our codeshare agreement with Air France,  allowing your travel arrangements to be on one ticket
  • Benefit  from flexible deposit and payment schedules
  • Free  site inspection tickets (subject to group size)
  • Air  Mauritius is able to provide group quotes for exclusive aircraft  charter and exclusive cabin requests

Please note the following

  • You  must supply your ATOL number within your group request, all agents  must be ATOL bonded when requesting group capacity.
  • Payment  implies full acceptance of terms of contract. Delay in payment will  lead to full booking cancellation.
  • Complete  passenger names lists must be provided at the latest 6 weeks prior  to departure. Each missing name will lead to automatic seat  cancellation.
  • Balance  payment and ticketing will become due at the latest 6 weeks prior to  departure. Payment can be made by bank transfer or standalone EMD
  • Issued  tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable and there is no refund  in case of no-show.
  • Any  deviations or change of booking prior to departure (dates, leg,  flight…) for one or more passengers implies possible change fees  plus any additional fare difference and are subject to  availability
  • General  conditions of carriage apply 


1) STPC packages (Stop-over) include hotel accommodation (including meals if applicable) and transfers (airport-hotel-airport)

2) STPC (Stop-over) in Mauritius are granted if no connexion in Mauritius is available on the same day when Air Mauritius is the contracting carrier or in charge of the flight where Mauritius is the transiting point.

3) Air Mauritius shall provide “Scale” packages to passengers travelling Economy class and Business class.

4) STPC (Stop-over) are granted either inbound or outbound.

5) Hotel selection for STPC (Stop-over) amenities is to comply with the Air Mauritius list of pre-defined priorities taking into consideration the booking class and agreements conclude between Air Mauritius and hotels or other partners.

6) Passengers are not entitled to choose their hotel accommodation. This decision is the responsibility of Air Mauritius STPC (Stop-over) unit in line with the general guidelines provided by Management.

7) Hotel accommodation in “bed & breakfast” or on “half-board” basis shall be consistent with the stop-over duration but shall never be on “full-board” basis.

8) STPC (Stop-over) will be limited to 4 coupons (for return tickets) and to 2 coupons (for either inbound or outbound flight) and will be valid for travel on an Air Mauritius leg only.

9) STPC (Stop-over) will not be applicable if the connexion falls into another airline responsibility and/or with separate tickets.

10) STPC (Stop-over) shall not be granted whether inbound or outbound if passenger has a connexion via Mauritius to travel to the following destinations: Réunion Island (RUN&ZSE); Rodrigues (RRG); the Seychelles Island (SEZ); Kenya (NBO).

11) STPC shall not be granted for the Dubai-Mauritius leg and vice-versa.

12) STPC (Stop-over) shall not be granted together with a stop for diving in Mauritius (1 night STPC (Stop-over) at Air Mauritius rate + 2/3 nights at passengers costs won’t be paid for), except when the next connexion is not available until the first 24 hours in Mauritius.

13) Transfers back won’t be granted to passengers who choose Air Mauritius STPC (Stop-over) amenities for the first night only and then change hotel accommodation asking for a transfer from the airport to the chosen hotel.

14) Embargo periods in Mauritius will be communicated to our offices and points of sales. However, for information purposes only, embargo period goes from mid-December to mid-January of the next following year.


STPC booking (Stop-over)

1) Email:

2) STPC (Stop-over) request – format


Please ensure to add the following details to your STPC requests:

1. Passengers names
2. PNR reference
3. Booking class
4. Arrival date/time/flight number
5. Departure date/time/flight number
6. Hotel accommodation option
7. Ticket number
8. All relevant information (baby, carrycot, wheelchair…)


 Excess baggage, sport equipment & lounge

Please note the correct Amadeus formats for excess baggage, sport equipment & lounge

1) New Format for Sports Equipment flow text (. dot is mandatory before entering a text)
SRSPEQ-MISC.GOLF BAG W-20KG (W = weight followed by dash - and the number of KG)

example of sport equipment
a) sport equipment with text



b) sport equipment with text


System Response : /SSR SPEQ MK HK1 MISC.GOLF BAG W-15KG/PS ADV 3DIMENSION ANDWEIGHT/S2                                                      

 c) sport equipment + text + weight


2) Excess Baggage KG (XBAG)

Entry : SRXBAG-TTL7KG0PC/P1 (total number of excess) 

3) Entry for Lounge access

Entry : SRLOUG/P1

AIP Special Meal 

Since August, 21th 2013 all information regarding Air Mauritius special meals are available in “Amadeus Information Pages”

Formats :


2) GO 1 to get access to item no 1.

3) GB to return to the Home Page

Mobile Phone Format 

apm- + 447........